What would you think if someone wished to give you a treat as a reward; to deliver to you a gift, either as a surprise or as a means of delivering pleasure? Might you then wish to retreat after receiving such abundance, to ensure that that tempting offering of delight would not be doubled up upon, and that you would not be retreated.  Thus you wish to withdraw and in doing to you retire, draw back or even beat the retreat! Climbing back down into quietude you perhaps prepare for a retreat at a monastery, by which time you would of course be in need of treatment at such an institution of spiritual care, in order to gain attention to heal, and be treated therefore with prayers.

Can a treat really be so terribly harmful to the individual as this? Well I suppose in the end it’s all about the treaty that is concluded, and whether or not the effect of the treat is one that is truly treatable.


One thought on “To Treat or Retreat, That is the Question.

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