The Tiger put his new costume on. He was a handsome fellow and his new outfit glowed in the dark luxuriously.  He prided himself on its beautiful shimmering amber stripes, offset perfectly against their deep black counterparts, the whole effect looked like he had burning flames cascading all along his body. If someone had told him how magnificent he would look, then surely he would have thought up this new disguise much sooner. His green eyes gleamed with pride and luminescence, standing out strikingly by contrast to the the rich yellow-gold fur, he was quite sure that he was going to outdo all the other animals in the forest, especially the lion with his great and powerful mane, and the Leopard with his eye-like spots that covered his entire body.  Even the humans who had long since left the area, stupidly covering their furless limbs and torso with the dullest of lifeless inert cloth would be struck with awe, how could they not!  The last little detail was the small black fur ball at the end of his tail; someone had once told him that ‘its all in the detail’, and that little black number just hit the right button.  As his tail flicked and then twitched swaying back and forth, that black dot of velvet worked its spellbinding power.   Then there were the white areas around his head and jowls, soft touchable fur, the kind you would want to run your fingers through, giving an ecstasy of allure that would tempt even that hardest of souls as well as those stupid enough to let their guard down, even just for a moment. He had the power to portray the softest of beings when he chose to turn on his doey-eyed look, but by simply raising his upper jaw, separating it from the lower, respect would instantly be regained with the rolling of his tongue and a short utterance from his throat. Any fool confident enough to think that they could tame his inner being; that ancient spirit of forest dominance would need to be prepared!  There would be no shaking of hands with this creature of the night.  It was all in the costume, his bold and brilliant idea; and he congratulated himself proudly.  So now he would reveal himself for the first time, this was his debut in his new and glorious form!  He was quite sure he would knock them all dead!




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